About us


GERA - is a manufacturer of sportswear with European qualities. Our products are tested by experts and professional athletes. However, GERA is not only clothing, but - a lifestyle, a love for sports and a desire to always be improved. Everyone who has ever dressed the product GERA knows what quality, comfort and self-confidence.


The most important value of our company is the customers. Together with GERA, they work daily on their own and strive for the highest achievements in sports and life. It is proved that sport makes people strong, and GERA are happy.

Also, the value of GERA is a team formed by like-minded people. That is why, for several years now, GERA has united around itself those who share the values of the company, love sports, and promote a healthy lifestyle.


- Make quality and affordable athletic clothing for everyone;
- To encourage people to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.


EPSONJapanese company, the leader in branch of wide- format sublimation printers operating on the basis of technology Epson Micro Piezo.

InkTecSuccessful at the following: inks must fit individual features of printer. In other words, scientific ink inventions must keep step with similiar printers’ development.

JUKIJapanese manufacturer of sewing supply, which holds a special place in the market of sewing equipment. It was founded in 1938.

Japanese company, the laeder in producing of industrious embroidery equipment of new generation.

MADEIRAGerman producer of high quality embroidery threads, which combines traditional values and innovative technologies. All goods of Madeira are eco-friendly and certified completely safe.




Coolmax is an advanced polyester yarn from AdvanSA. Mainly used for:
• thermoactive underwear,
• intimate apparel,
• sport underwear,
• sportwear.

Becouse of it\'s special four-channel or six-channel fibre that forms a capilar transport system it pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. It then dries that moisture faster than other fabrics to cool the body by evaporation. It\'s great for keeping thermal control under high physical stress making it perfect for sport application.

It differs from old generation yarns like for example Rhovyl that it won\'t decompose under UV exposition and it won’t emit bad odour.

It is used for both dense and sparse (mesh) fabrics depending on application specific parameters of rigidness, resistance to abrasion or air transition. Fabrics made of Coolmax provide a nice sensation of dryness and airy.

Thermolite is a polyester yarn from Advansa. It features:
• extreme lightness,
• warmth and comfort,
• fast evaporation;

It\'s very hard to product a fabric which keeps you warm and is very light at the same time. Thanks to Thermolite yarns it\'s no longer a problem. Engineers from Advansa found their models in nature. They discovered that polar bears have furcontaining thousands of tiny air pockets for greater insulation. After the discovery they built a yarn with hollow cores that provide the most warmth at the lightest weight. The larger surface area allows for faster evaporation by speeding moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate more quickly. Hollow cores keep the fabric\'s warmth even in wet condition.