zap pict  Questions and Answers

запWhere and on what terms is delivery carried out? How can I pay for my order?

Delivery is made in Ukraine and other countries of the world, more about delivery and payment read here. Or just contact us through the feedback form and we will answer all your questions.

запCan I exchange or return the product?

Yes, you can return or exchange a product within 14 days after the purchase. This right guarantees the "Law on the protection of consumer rights". 
In order to return or exchange the goods, please make sure that:
- Goods must have appropriate presentation, packaging must be preserved too;
- Goods must not be mechanically damaged;
- The goods were not in use, have no foreign smell, are not spoiled in any other way;
The quality of the product, the presence of defects is checked at the post office when you receive the goods in the presence of post representative. If you for any reasons have not approached the goods you just don’t take it.
Exchange and return the goods within 14 days occurs at the expense of the buyer.
Exchange and return is not possible if the goods are made to order; defective product, when defect is found after receiving the parcel.

запAre there in GERASPORT store any loyalty programs and promotional offers?

Yes, in the sportswear store GERASPORT is a loyalty program for regular customers, more about the bonus program can be found here – Bonus program.
In GERASPORT store are always held special offers, a complete list of current special offers can be found on the page Special offers or on our official page VK or Facebook.

запWhat materials and technologies are used by the producing of sportswear TM «GERA»?

Sportswear TM «GERA» is manufactured using the highest quality materials and advanced technologies of high-tech equipment. In Ukraine there are no analogues of this equipment. By the manufacture of sportswear we use fabrics manufactured by such brands as Coolmax, Thermolite, Meryl, Tactel. In the manufacture of fitness kits and tracksuits we use double thread - elastin and cotton that are included in this material do not allow the fabric be ruffled and provides a little elasticity. Double thread is one of the best quality fabrics which are now used for the manufacture of sportswear.
More details of fabrics and equipment you can find in About us.

запIf we order football uniforms for the whole team – can we expect a discount?

If you book at the same time from 10 sets of sports clothing we will provide you a customized price offer. For more detailed information please refer to the manager by phone, via the feedback form or via social network.

запI can't determine what size I need

In the manufacture of clothing we use European size table, more details about sizes in mesh sizes.