02 November 2016
VC "Kharkovchanka" debuted in GERA's clothes

VC "Kharkovchanka" debuted in GERA's clothes

This weekend at the sports complex of the Pedagogical University in the Major League debut of our girls from VC "Kharkovchanka" under the leadership of Anatoly Kazmerchuk! The first day brought lots of Kharkov volleyball with VC "Poltavchanka", where the local team celebrated a stunning victory over rivals 3-0. The next day, the audience was lucky enough to witness the match between Poltava team and the girls from the capital's "Favorita" - and here again, fortune was not on the side of the team from the country of Gogol - 0-3 in favor of kievlyanok. He finished the tour a wonderful and exciting game of the local team and the team from Kiev. In the classic confrontation between experience and youth was won over played and experienced representatives of the VC "Favorite".

We are pleased that after a few years of volleyball capital of Ukraine is represented in the national championship and our excellent volleyball players! We wish the further victories and achievements!


Exclusively for VK "Kharkovchanka" GERA TM has developed a unique design volleyball shape considering the club's history, achievements, of identity, values and goals of the club.

Designers of our brand design was developed taking into account all the wishes of the team, in our clothes is not only easy to play, but also nice to win. That is why the EC wishes GERA large and numerous victories!

Forward only, with GERA!