24 October 2017

New collection

     Recently, more and more you can see overcrowded gyms. And for every athlete, a professional or amateur, it is important that their clothes are of high quality, comfortable and necessarily stylish. That is why GERA meets all the requirements of a modern customer and even more because it exceeds its expectations.

- All GERA products are made from European fabrics manufactured by Coolmax and Thermolite. After all, the quality of our products is important to us. It is also worth adding that GERA clothing has been tested by experts and athletes. And this gives us the opportunity to always improve and adequately represent our products in the Ukrainian and foreign markets, - says the head of the design department - Nadezhda Lehka.

The feature of the collection is a limited number of products and this adds to its exclusiveness. And although this collection is quite new, however, it has already managed to get a lot of positive feedback from our customers. In the GERA fitness kit, every lady feels special, because GERA's clothes will give her - beauty, style, strength and self-confidence.