18 August 2016
TM GERA - technical sponsor "Real Pharma"

TM GERA - technical sponsor "Real Pharma"

The debut in Ukrainian of TM GERA on a professional level was held last summer, 2015. The company works with those who value their individual club style. Design department ensures that the design of the form 'pharmacists' was always unique and never repeated!

Especially for FC "Real Pharma" GERA TM has developed a unique design football shape considering the club's history, achievements, of identity, values ​​and goals of the club.

It should be noted that the shape is made with the name of each player. Also, good news for the club's fans: now they have the opportunity during the rallies on games or social networks to receive gifts from TM GERA: club souvenir paraphernalia, club T-shirt with his name, club scarf, backpack and a lot of other merchandise manufactured in a unique club style.