01 September 2016
TM GERA developed an original equipment for the "Arsenal Kyivshchyna"

TM GERA developed an original equipment for the "Arsenal Kyivshchyna"

Technical partner of the club TM «Gera» developed the original design of the form, which combines both the club colors and symbols of the city of White Church.

The main color of the red shirts, with a wedge and cuffs on the sleeves white. On the chest - symbol of the city (bow and arrow) and the emblem of the club. Red background, due to the difference in color, divided in half with a barely noticeable hexagons - so reminiscent of chain mail. Behind - a number the inscription "White Church". red-colored shorts. Leggings red with the words "Arsenal Kyivshchyna" and the logo of the city.


Marketing Director Yuri Manzhos said: "Working with TM« Gera »we started last year. As a result of the design of the previous form appreciated not only our fans, but reputable online resources, recognizing the shape of Arsenal one of the best in Ukraine. Despite the fact that this year the team started poorly, the company «Gera» confirmed its status not only as our technical sponsor, but also a reliable business partner. Together we have developed a new design that emphasizes the team belongs to the city and promotes the White Church. I think that this fact will also help to convince the city authorities to maintain the club. Sporting success of any team depends directly on the club's financial stability. We hope that this season our form as adequately appreciate professionals will allow us to attract the attention of potential sponsors. Also I would like to see the practice of the leading clubs of selling club shirts touched our city. We hope that, in the new form will become not only the team but also its game. "

In September, the club planned a photo shoot in a new form. PFC "Arsenal Kyiv region" invites fans to buy a gift certificate and become part of the club, taking part in photography. Among those wishing to take a picture with the team will be awarded a new t-shirt design.

With wishes of win, TM GERA!