06 September 2016
Ukraine national team of mini-football European Championship played in the form GERA

Ukraine national team of mini-football European Championship played in the form GERA

One of the companies that made a contribution to making the dream of a national team mini-football became a reality, is a company GERA.

We decided to ask Helena Szewczyk, head of GERAteam.

• When you have entered a proposal to develop a form for the national team of Ukraine, why you are interested in this? 


- Proposal to develop equipment for the team of Ukraine in terms of partnership with the Federation of mini-soccer Ukraine entered the middle of June. The interest of the TM GERA has been through a number of important factors:

1. Proposal cooperation entered from the president of the Federation of mini-soccer Ukraine, Evgeny Dontsov with which we were familiar with both the CEO Heather NC cooperating with the People's Club, and we know that projects which involved Eugene, succeed dreams become goals, the result is achieved through sure and right actions, and perseverance and work leads to victory!


2. The business with our partners we are guided by the principles of mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. We do not expect an easy and quick results. We know that perseverance and work - a sure path to success.

3. Among the values ​​of our company is to support and promote the sport of Ukraine. And we're not in words but in action it confirms active participation in projects.


• Why do you believe that mini-football in Ukraine will develop in the same way as in the West will be one of the most popular sports?

- Because an idea is a goal, a team of like-minded people and have the potential to achieve this.


From myself, we can only thank the company Gera for her invaluable contribution to the development of our Federation!


Confident that together we will win, TM GERA!