26 October 2016
GERA technical partner of Smyha stadium opening!

GERA technical partner of Smyha stadium opening!

With the support of partners and "Euroshpon-Smyha" started work on the construction of a new football stadium on the standard FIFA.

The stadium built for football players of FC "Euroshpon-Smyha." The football club was founded October 10, 2012, it was established on the base of FC "Smyha" that this lasted 8 years. Children's team participated in the nationwide competition "Who are you future Olympian?" (Skadovsk), which won an honorable 5th place, also won 2nd place in the Rivne region in the nationwide competition "Leather Ball". Young footballers from Smyha constantly invited to various tournaments in Ukraine (the year played over 20) and abroad, including the command "Euroshpon-Smyha" participated in international competitions in Hungary, the Baltics and Poland.


The project itself - the only throughout the Rivne region of this size stadium with artificial turf. The stadium will be in town. Smyha and its dimensions are - 40x60 meters. Through this project almost a hundred kids football club will be able to train in good conditions, and organize matches at its stadium is Smyzi. The goal of FC "Euroshpon-Smyha" is to participate in the Children and Youth Football league Ukraine. With this training and support children will be able to achieve their goals.

Let us build together a future for their children!