How to choose a sportswear

How to choose a sportswear

Clothes for sports always remains out of fashion, because its main purpose - comfort and practicality. If you do not know how to choose the sports clothes, keep in mind that it must meet the following requirements:

  • practicality - quickly evaporate moisture (sweat) - for that manufacturers use special hygroscopic cloth;
  • flexibility and the ability to repeat the movements of the body; lack of solid elements of the decor in the form of clasps, buckles, zippers, and so on. etc .;
  • quality - the fabric should be durable, natural, soft seams, in some cases even outside.


Choose clothing for sports should be based on what you are doing. For power loads at the fitness center or gym perfect - fitting, but outdoor clothing from knitwear with the addition of polyamide or polyester. These materials allow the skin to "breathe" and absorb moisture rapidly.

Types of sportswear for jogging or athletics selected seasonally. During warmer months, suitable T-shirt and denim shorts, and in the cold - tracksuits polyamide fabric. Required accessory - a hat. It reliably protects the head from hypothermia.

 What should be the sports clothing for dance, yoga, martial arts - it is better to ask the coach. These are specific areas where there is its own peculiarities and nuances. So, for aikido and judo, karate or martial arts you need a kimono. Belly dancers always wear special hip scarves with coins.


Choosing sports swimwear, girls think about that they all emphasized the dignity of the figure. In fact, his problem is completely different. Racing swimsuits come in two forms:

  • gymnastics;
  • for swimming.

Both models are closed, but does not restrict movement, emphasizing the full flexibility of the body. Their main feature - the sleek design, without any decoration. And if a swimsuit for swimming - a separate part of the wardrobe, the gym can be combined with leggings, shorts, leggings, socks. This option is preferred girls who are addicted to Pilates, stretching and step aerobics.

Underwear for sports should be supported, but quite soft and comfortable. In training better to abandon Waist panties and corsets. Provide comfort and convenience, and then the training will take place quickly and efficiently!