Sports clothing style

Sports clothing style

Sports style has long gone beyond the gyms. In everyday life, it is chosen for:

  • convenience and comfort;
  • practicality;
  • style.

If you still think that the sporty style of clothing - it's shoes and a shapeless suit, something deeply wrong. It may be completely different - urban, feminine and even provocative.




It argued that the sporty style is only suitable for those who have tightened figure and thin waist. In fact, if you choose the right clothes, you can hide all figure flaws. For example, suitable for full women's tunics, loose jackets and hoodies, parks. To emphasize the pomp chest can be a V-shaped neckline. And if you want to visually lengthen legs, pay attention to a small platform sneakers. They can be worn with jeans and dresses, and shorts. Any image will emphasize individuality and sense of style.

As for the leggings, there must be very careful. Beautiful sporty style should not have anything to do with a bad taste. Tights for everyday wear is better to choose black, and you can combine them with shirts, raglan, elongated sweaters and tunics.

As with any style of clothing and accessories are arranged final accents. Lovers of sport-style can wear big baggy handbag, bright elastics and headbands for the hair, the original glasses and fabric bracelets.




For those who do not know, sporty style of dress has several directions:

 glam-sport - perfect for parties and nightclubs, as it combines sport and glamor. Overalls, lacquer leggings, wide shirts, ably complemented caps, sneakers, sweatshirts;

  • sport casual - the most adapted to the beautiful half of humanity. Because it allows you to combine silk skirts and svitshoty, dresses and shoes, and complement all this delicate scarves, stylish hats and tiny handbags. A characteristic feature of the style - shoes to go low, heels are absolutely not relevant, because the direction of promoting, above all, convenience;
  • Safari - yes, this is also an echo of the sports style. safari clothes comfortable to wear and quite practical. At the same time it cut a little different from the usual us. As for colors, dominated by khaki, white, beige.

Choosing her clothes, remember the main thing - keep them, because the world loves confident personalities!