Gifts to the St. Nicholas day from GERA TM

Super discount of 19% on the day of St. Nicholas

To theday of St. Nicholas GERA presents an excellent offer to their customers at a rate of 19% for the entire range of our store. In order to be always in shape and stylish look, we offer you clothes for fitness, sports suits, various T-shirts and tank tops, leggings, skirts and more.

Do not miss this opportunity to get your gift from GERA!

To receive the discount, enter the code in the box ST19NIK discount code in the formation of your order, after which the activation cost of your order will be automatically recalculated.

The promotion is valid to 02.12.16 on 12.09.16 (departure orders 16/12/16)


Do not miss a good discount on the purchase of a gift from GERA, happy holidays !!