Sports hats for children

IMG 4064 310What should you pay attention to choice hats for children? Children's hat must be soft, closely attached to the head and not be blown through. Children’s sport hats should be made of only natural materials. The GERA uses only high quality materials from the best manufacturers.

We guarantee quality on all stages of production – from creation of the sketch, development of design to production and testing of the clothes. Our company use modern equipment which there is no analogues in Ukraine. All the production is situated on the territory of country therefore price of sport hats for children in several times lower than from foreign brands. The benefits of such hats are:

  • Ergonomics;
  • Comfort;
  • Convenience;
  • Quality material, which does not provoke skin irritations;
  • Original design.

The classic models are presented in the assortment today. You can buy sports hats for children in two colors: blue and red. Colors are universal and will suit both girls and boys.

Secrets of production

Special polyester threads are used for the production of fabric. It fast evaporates moisture and keeps natural warmth of the body. You can’t worry that your child will be wet and sick after active games in the open air. With GERA hats it is impossible. These hats are comfortable not only in winter but also spring-autumn season. Children are feeling themself comfortable with our hats.

If your children are active and like sports, motivate and help them! Sportswear will provide to your children comfort and practicability during walks in the open air or trainings. Movements of your small sportsman will not be limited and you can be sure that your child is not afraid wind, cold and drafts.

If you have any questions call to our operators and they will consult you on the professional level because they are familiar with all questions according clothes.